Children’s Concerts

A trip across the globe

Come with us for a trip across the globe! In our luggage we have a huge, beautiful harp, a treasure chest and a lot of exciting things!
For Kids from 5-10 years.
A participate-concert with music from different countries of the world, narrated and plugged by the harpist Silke Aichhorn.
How is the idea to orbit the world with a flying carpet?
Choose a country on the globe and jump on, the harpist Silke Aichhorn will take you to Brazil, Russia, the US, to Asia and Africa. On her beautiful harp she will let sound music of these countries. Before we leave to the next station, we should unravel some mysteries, make some instruments sound and look for some souvenirs in our treasure chest.
Let you surprise, which treasures are in the world!
A kids-concert to participate and dream, to explore and to discover, to realize and to understand. I`ll bring all requisites, also all kind of rhythm instruments. Every child can participate almost one time during the performance, duration 60minutes.

Duration: 60min (On request also modifiable)
Maximum number of participants: 200 Kinder
Detailed information about the program and the booking can be found here: 2017 Kinderkonzert fuer Schulen