School Classes

A school hour around the harp, adapted to all ages

Informative and exciting. Knowledge transfer to touch and do not get bored!

Schoolhour in Bad Sassendorf

“You had it to do with an audience of around 100 people of children, adolescents and young adults who were mentally and psychosomatically affected. The age range went from 8 to 18 years! It was wonderful, with what sovereignty, warmth, and attention, indeed, with what free courage you have encountered the young man. They have taken this very special audience seriously (ADS / ADHD, disturbances in the emotional sphere and social behavior), have thrown all their musical skills into the balance and have sought and found the direct communication with charm and humor. The present college of the clinic school was astonished and delighted by your “trainee”. Everything, the splendidly stretched musical program, the participation of the young people through conversation and musical participation, everything has let us experience what music can be for you and for us: the experience of sympathy. ”

Thank you very much
Christian Casdorff